Friday, November 18, 2005

My Treo, and the value of rest.

Thanks for the support Dusty - I don't know whether I'm doing a great job on keeping my eyes on God - I think I probably oversold myself - I get the impression God does most of the work!

I made the mistake of leaving my Treo at home today. For those uninitiated into the world of gadgets, a Treo is no ordinary mobile phone. It is also a diary, e-mail machine, calendar, internet machine, and PC in the palm of your hand! It tells me where I should be, when I should be there, how to get there. I have medical text books, two Bible versions, games, MP3s on it. It even runs my bath (OK that's not strictly true). It is truly a wonder.

Perhaps it did me good to survive without it!

I wonder what I would do if I lost everything in a national disaster? The terrible events of Pakistan and East Asian tsunami certainly concentrate the mind. Would the more simple life enable me to become at one with nature, enjoying time to ponder, pontificate and philosophize, or would I go mad without "stuff" to entertain me? I suspect surviving may become my primary goal in that circumstance.

I read an article a while back (I think in the Times Magazine) which asked whether our children are too entertained. From 5 years (soon to be less if Tony Blair has his way) they prepare for exams at school. They then come home and are whisked off to their ballet/football/music/drama/French lessons, fed dinner, bathed and put to bed! There is no time for kids to get bored. You may think that's a good thing, but if we constantly spoon feed activities to children, when do they learn to rest? When do they learn how to make a castle/underground lair out of a sheet and 2 chairs? When do their imaginations and creativity develop? Will we develop a generation who are unable to concieve new thoughts or think laterally. Perhaps that generation is here already - 24 hour TV, internet, groceries, cinemas, clubs and pubs are all available should we want them.

I suspect that if God can create the whole world in 6 days and then have a day off (
Gen 2:2), we can rest assured it will not fall apart if we follow His example and rest too. Maybe I'll try that this Sunday - I wonder how long my rest will last...