Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well, I've joined the herd and started a blog. Hopefully I'll be able to put something of use on it! Essentially, this space is going to be somewhere for my thoughts, an update on the things happening in my life, and hopefully a journal of my faith and what God is doing in my life and church.

Just to introduce myself, I'm Pete, a junior doctor in the UK. I'm married (a year and a bit now) to Lorna (another doctor!), and live in a small village called Bicknacre in Essex (East of London if you really want to know). We go to church locally to St Andrew's, which is a C of E church, and I'm involved in leading worship - it's a happy clappy upbeat place so we have guitars and the like! Apart from God and Lorna, music is my passion. I write, record and attempt to produce music, however, I'm usually better at starting than finishing! I also enjoy gadgets and all round geekery, and am frequently berating myself for buying too much junk, but hey, I'm a bloke. Lorna has clothes, I have expensive electrical items.

I'd better sign off now as I'm off to a study course tomorrow - sadly, even after qualifying as a doctor, there are still exams to pass - I have MRCP part 2 in December. I'll update you on that when I've done it!

Thanks for reading, and here's hoping I'll have some interesting stuff to tell you soon...