Monday, November 28, 2005

Good site

On my ever increasing list of "good sites" is Adrian's Blog which at the moment has an interesting take on "Reformed Charismatics", which he explains in the following way:
"It is really possible they say to pursue a solid biblical knowledge and sound doctrine whilst experiencing the presence of power of God in a real way today. The Word and the Spirit are not in conflict but rather work together to cause us to know God.The charismatics believe in a God who is alive and acts today. We believe in a God who wants a personal relationship with his followers. Who hears prayers. Who reveals himself. Who pours out his love into our hearts. Who never changes and is the same God of the bible today. We believe that receiving the Holy Spirit is a conscious real experience. We believe that this experience of the Spirit is one of the major ways that God gives us assurance that we are saved."
In my naievity, I wouldn't have thought there could be any other way of doing Christianity, but apparently there are. I must learn more - there is no excuse for ignorance! I'll be keeping an eye on this blog.