Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Sorry I've been away for so long - currently going through some busy and rather difficult times. I'm looking for jobs in a rapidly shrinking market, and trying to revise for the final (and hardest) part of the MRCP. Consequently I won't be around much for the next few weeks. Just a quick thought before I go - it's amazing how easy it is to forget God's grace when things get stressful - He's been with me all the way through my life, and when I should be looking to Him the most, I still try and rely on my own endeavour. It reminds me of the words to the song 'Only By Grace' - "Not by our human endeavour, but by the blood of the Lamb". We just need to try and remember that in our hearts in the hardest times, and remember that God never said we wouldn't suffer (indeed, Jesus said on many occasions we will suffer as Christians) but He did say he would be with us in pain and in joy. On that note I think I'll head off, thanking God for blessing me with Lorna, who also promised to be with me during good and bad times and who is a constant joy and blessing to me! I should also remember that a few hard exams and job worries are nothing compared with the suffering many are going through. I pray they will know God's presence during their hard times.