Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More on Abdul Rahman

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Apparently, the court think Mr Rahman may be insane and not fit to stand trial under Sharia Law. However, he says:

"They want to sentence me to death and I accept it, but I am not a deserter and not an infidel. I am a Christian which means I believe in the Trinity."

Quite a sensible sentence for someone who is supposedly mad!

The international reaction has been interesting. The US says they do not want to interfere but are concerned. Italy, Germany and Canada show some courage by more forcefully condemning the situation.

In the UK, Alan Simpson, Labour MP said:

We have to be saying to the government of
Afghanistan that it is not the role, the function or the presumption of the UK
government to have a presence in Afghanistan to defend an administration that
conducts and complies with laws that are brutal in terms that would be judged by
the outside international community, and would not be accepted by the Muslim
community if they were used in reverse.