Thursday, May 31, 2007

I have a job!

I have been offered a job! On Sunday I recieved an e-mail from the North West Deanery, offering me a training post for 6 years in anaesthetics (which would result in me being a consultant at the end!) The job is in Manchester and the surrounding area, which I've heard is a very good scheme, and is an excellent experience.
We're still waiting to find out if London want to offer me one too (which may mean that we could stay where we are currently), but if not, Lorna and I would have to move "Up North", which would be stressful, but exciting too. Of course we'd really miss all our friends and family in the south of England, and we'd probably get very homesick to start with, but I'm sure God knows what he's doing.
The question is, if I do get an offer for a London training job, will it be in a location that means we can stay where we are? If we'd have to move anyway, it would be a real struggle to decide where to go. We're just praying that God will make it really obvious where He wants us!