Sunday, December 11, 2005

Explosion in Hemel Hemsted

Heard the news of the explosion at the fuel depot in Hemel this AM at church. My parents used to live quite near there so I am vaguely familiar with the area. The images of the smoke from the air are something to behold - it spreads so far across the country. According the The BBC, no-one has been killed although there are two people seriously injured in hospital. Our prayers must go to anyone affected, particularly those two and their families. In a strange sense I also pray it was just an accident and not a terrorist attack - is that an appropriate thing to pray? I'm not sure really.
On a different note, I sat my exam on Wednesday and Thursday, and true to expectations it was awful. Just got to wait 6 weeks for the results now, which , seeing as its computer-marked seems ludicrous! Patience...
For those who are interested, I've just started reading a book of prophecy called 'The Gift of Prophecy' by Wayne Grudem. I'm hoping that might inform me more on the cessationist/charismatic argument and the Biblical evidence for such views, which should be interesting, if a little challenging. Got to keep the grey stuff working.