Friday, December 05, 2008


Since attending The Stand in November in Birmingham, I've really been thinking a great deal about modern day slavery and human trafficking. For those who aren't aware, slavery still happens today. In fact, it's incredibly common, even in the developed world. People are also trafficked across borders, having been tricked into working for nothing, and children are exploited as labourers. Pretty much every industry you can think of is affected by this, from steel manufacture to coffee, from chicken packing to prostitution.
I'm still trying to work out what my response to this sudden burst of knowledge and conviction is: I'm starting by writing about it here, telling people I know, and trying to increase my awareness.
These are some of the sites I'm using to find more information, and some of the people who are actually doing something.
My feeling is that ordinary people like me need to get involved shouting for justice for those who are being exploited in this way. I think the church should be united in an obvious and vocal way against slavery and trafficking - our consumer power is massive and together we have a loud voice. We can use this opportunity to stand for those who are not able to support themselves, to care for the broken and needy in society - to do just what Jesus intended.