Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've been absent in my posting for a while due to job change related stress and general work related low moodness (see below), but now am up and about a bit more creatively. Since last posting, I've updated my myspace with some new electronic music, and I'm working on more. I've started worship leading at Intention, ABC's youth group which is turning out to be really exciting, and I'm taking photos again. Whilst exploring various bits of Manchester with Lorna, we visited Castlefield (was up and coming a few years ago, now fairly firmly arrived). I took a few photos, posted them to my flickr website and one of them has been selected for use on a website guide to Manchester, called Schmap. This looks a great guide to the city and is growing all the time, so definitely worth taking a look (see my sidebar to the right on this very blog). It also has guides to numerous other cities around the world, and can be accessed on your I-phone for trendy types.
Reading my previous post, I'm slightly embarrased to admit that despite all my wordly wealth, beautiful wife, wonderful family and friends I've been very low in mood for the last couple of months. Whilst my own recent stress has not been in the league of Brother Yun and friends (see below), I can similarly testify that during this low patch I've had a great sense of God walking with me (probably carrying me really!) I had not really known whether the path I've been following has been right, or whether I had the emotional reserves to follow it, but I've known that he has a plan and would be with me through all of it no matter how steep it seemed. Through times talking with friends, studying The Bible, in prayer and in church, I've heard Him assure me I am doing what He wants, where He wants me to do it, and this has given me strength to re-emerge from "just coping" to "truly living".
I'm writing this having spent the weekend in the sun, in Manchester and Altrincham (food festival and our little garden). Like the rainbow after the flood in Noah's story, the beautiful weather this weekend feels like a seal to the promise He has made to me. In times when I'm feeling sorry for myself, finding life hard or generally going through a low patch in the cycle of life I must try and think back to these glimpses of beauty, and focus on the gifts that God gives me day-to-day.