Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feb Update

Apologies for that little December rant - not very seasonal!
Well, we've been through lots of stress over the last couple of months. Once again I have been revising for an exam (which, thank God, I passed!), but the strain its put on Lorna and me has made me realise that there is more to life. I think that God has taught me that my career has become too central to my self identity, and He and some of my new friends here up north helped me come to terms with the prospect of failing this one (probably the hardest I've done so far). I also had a lot of doubts about my career choice but I do feel called to be an anaesthetist and much more excited by it now I've lept this most recent hurdle!
Having been enmeshed in a rather negative couple of months, where the most I could manage was to get up, go to work, come home and sleep, I'm now noticing my creativity returning - once again I'm feeling the urge to write music! I'll be uploading them soon at Myspace.
I'm also in the process of putting some of my better photos online at Flickr, so please feel free to look at those and I'd love to hear you comments.
Lorna is doing well, starting her new job next week. I think at the moment she feels that strange combination of trepidatious and excited! I know she'll do brilliantly though.
We've also managed to complete on our house, which is very exciting! We picked up the keys yesterday, and while I am at work typing this (very busy today you know!), the furniture is busy arriving in our 3 bed semi in Timperley. I'm not quite sure how its all going to fit in at the moment, so keep watching ebay for some Sandbach Seconds!
Thanks for all your support and prayers, God bless...