Friday, March 09, 2007

Doctors training system falling apart

I wrote recently about the new system for applying to training posts for junior doctors. Well, it has been unveiled, and failed on every level! I won't bore you with too many details, but the computer program crashed repeatedly, lost peoples' applications, the shortlisting process was deeply shoddy with no firm guidelines on how points should be awarded to candidates, and some applications not even being read properly. It now seems that the media (finally) are listening to doctors, and kicking up a fuss. The Telegraph has been especially supportive.

With this weight on its shoulders, the DOH has announced a review and slowly this evening details of the conclusions are coming out. I'm not sure of the details currently but hopefully the process should be fairer. However, the fairest way to sort it all out is to scrap the current process and start again. I have got shortlisted for several interviews but I would happily give them up to undergo a fairer system.

I'd urge you to support us by signing the petition at The Telegraph. Don't do it because you feel sorry for junior doctors - if you do, thanks for the support, but if you don't, consider the issue - thousands of the best doctors are being excluded from working in this country and are likely to go abroad. You've paid for their training in taxes. Some doctors employed by this new system may be unfit to practise. If you care about your family's and your own health, then you owe it to yourself to harrangue the government as much as possible.

Over and out...